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Bio: Justin Polston began buying and selling real estate when he was still in high school. After a successful start on his career path, he graduated from Indiana University - Bloomington in May of 2011, continuing to flip homes and obtain rental property full time, using the sweat equity he put into his homes to help pay for college and the next investment. He currently holds about a dozen properties at any given time and has branched into commercial leasing and buying, owning several historic building in downtown Shelbyville. His business, prior to being a full time realtor, focused on creating wealth for him and his family and cleaning up neighborhoods one house at a time after the real estate bubble burst and foreclosures were rampant. Also noticing that there were plenty of fishy realtors around the Indianapolis area, he decided to take his personal views on real estate to a professional level and acquired his Managing Broker's license with the state of Indiana, and is a member of the Realtor Association, locally and nationally. 

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